Wing House built from a Boeing 747

Wing House built from a Boeing 747

Francie Rehwald from Malibu, California always dreams of owning a house which is curved, feminine and environmental-friendly as well. Therefore, architect David Hertz suggests building the house from an airplane wing. In a 22-hecta area on remote hills, an old Boeing 747 is being used to make a wing house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Wing House is under construction and scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.


The airplane wing of Boeing 747 is used to make the roof while the first class cabin deck serves as a guest house. It is reported that almost all of plane parts have been bought from an old plane market in California at the price of about $ 100.000. By the time the wing house is finished, the cost can go up to about $ 2 million. However, this huge expense does not matter because she is one of the most businesswomen in Mercedes Benz in California.


The house occupies an area of 22 hectare


The entire old Boeing 747 is used to build the wing house, which meets its owner’s desire


According to architect David Hertz, 2.500-square-feet aircraft wing is ideal to be used as a roof without any structural assistance. After estimating the expense, they find it more reasonable to the entire Boeing 747 for $ 35,000. In addition, Hertz shared that recycling 4,5 million plane parts is considered to be a typical example of stable recycle because each year, American and industries discharge enough aluminum to recycle needed aircrafts in three months. Of course, Mrs. Rehwald has had 17 government agencies sign off on permits before implementing the plan. In particular, she is required to mark on plane parts clearly to prove they do not belong to a downed aircraft.


Wing House in Malibu overlooks the Pacific Ocean


The huge wing is chosen to make the roof


An aircraft wing is being lowered onto the hilly site for construction


An old Boeing 747 is used as the material for the wing house


The future home of Francie Rehwald is nearing completed


Francie Rehwald and architect David Hertz



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